Why Contribute Through a Foundation When I Already Give?

It makes sense to add The Venice Golf and Country Club Foundation  to your list of preferred charitable organizations.


Here's why:

IMPACT: Your contribution is pooled with others and permits the Foundation to award significant amounts for specific projects.

TARGETED: 100% of the grant goes toward a specific project, not toward an organization's administrative overhead.

LOCAL: The grants are awarded and spent within the local community.

REPUTATION: Enhances the reputation of Venice Golf & Country Club in the community and with potential homebuyers.

EFFICIENT: All annual membership contributions are fully tax-deductible and 100% of your donation goes toward grants.

INVESTMENT: Ensures the long-term viability of the Foundation's mission by investing a portion of funds each year.

VOLUNTEERS: Our Foundation is managed by volunteers - your friends and neighbors.

CONTROL: We carefully evaluate every grant application, and we are the sole judge of who receives them.