2016-2017 Grant Application Calendar



On September 15, grant forms and guidelines were made available to applicants through the Foundation website.


A total of 31 applications were received by the 4:00 PM Friday, October 24th deadline.

Next Steps:


All twelve members of our Grants Committee are reading and rating the merit of every request.


The Grants Committee will meet and select "finalists" and "alternates".


The Foundation's Board of Directors will set the total dollar amount available for the current grant cycle.


Two-person teams will conduct on-site evaluations of each finalist and alternate.


The Foundation's Board of Directors will review the recommendations of the Grants Committee.


Letters will be sent to all grant applicants.


All grant recipients will return signed contracts and respond to our invitation to attend the Grants Luncheon.


Grants will be awarded at our twelfth annual Grants Luncheon on March 15.


Grants committee members and their partners will begin follow-up contacts to confirm that grants are being used properly.

Video interviews will be conducted with each grant recipient, to be posted on the Foundation's website and YouTube page.

Special Events:


Additional grants may be awarded at a fund-raising event.