How Do We Decide Who Receives Grants?

Grant-Making Guidelines and Principles


The Venice Golf and Country Club Foundation (hereinafter called “the Foundation”) will only make grants that would not impair either the status of the Foundation or the 501 (C) (3) status of the Gulf Coast Community Foundation of Venice through which grants are awarded. The Foundation makes all of its grants to nonprofit organizations classified as a 501 (C) (3). Grants are not awarded directly to individuals. Grant awards are issued on a selective basis and may be based on matching funds.


Grant awards will be based on the project merits as submitted in accordance with grant-making cycles described in Foundation announcements.


Grant awards will be directed through organizations to projects that:

  • Address issues and serve people generally within the boundaries of the geographical area comprised by the 34223, 34272, 34275, 34284, 34285, 34286, 34287, 34291, 34292, and 34293 Postal Zip-codes (Englewood, Laurel, Nokomis, Northport, Venice and South Venice areas).  See Map
  • Function through certain national and regional entities for which specific fund-raisers will be held.
  • Meet community issues and opportunities identified by the Community Foundation and/or credible assessments.
  • Enhance, expand, and/or improve rather than to continue the organization’s ongoing operations, projects, or programs.
  • Are one-year, one-time in scope, not to include officer’s salaries.
  • Embody cooperative efforts of two or more organizations where such synergy is likely to demonstrate superior results and/or lower costs.
  • Provide an unduplicated value and/or service.


It is the policy of the Foundation to endorse the following types of causes when considering the awarding of grants:

  • Community/Social services (e.g., adult, elderly, youth, animal care/protection)
  • Cultural enrichment
  • Educational
  • Environmental
  • Health

The Foundation will normally entertain only one Letter of Intent / Grant Request per grant cycle, per organization. However, a separate request may also be submitted by the supporting organization, if it is a separate federally tax-exempt organization.


An organization must be in compliance with any previous grant reports and/or conditions in order to be eligible to submit a Grant Application.


Grant Applications from organizations that have received previous funding will only be considered when significant progress on the previous grant(s) has been made and demonstrated to the Community Foundation.


The Grant Awards do not fund endowments, debt reduction, basic scientific research, loans, or travel.


Grant awards may support projects by religious institutions provided the projects are principally non-religious in nature and not limited to members of the applicant’s institution or congregation.


The Foundation Board reserves the right to reject applications for projects or from organizations advocating or associated with either side of issues it deems controversial or political.


In general, the Foundation does not fund “capital projects”, defined as bricks & mortar and permanent fixtures.


Revised 04/30/16