Fund-Raising Events

We at The Venice Golf and Country Club are first and foremost a caring, generous community, but we sure like to enjoy ourselves, too!  The Foundation sponsors events each year to add to the fun!


Net profits from these events pay for our minimal operating expenses each year, and the balance goes directly to the VGCC Fund, which is for the sole purpose of awarding grants each year.

This year's fabulous event netted roughly $22,000. The 88 players who participated were joined for dinner by another 38 people.


Our specail thanks go to:

    - Chef Jay Alfes, who will prepare a "Dinner with Jay" for the Sanders and the

            Legeres and their friends, the two winning bidders of $2000 each

    - Kirkey Roofing, for their generous $5000 donation 

    - Affordable Golf Carts, for a hole-in-one cart and gift certificates


Thanks also to:

    - All Club members who participated

    - Hole Sponsors

    - The Club, Dining Room and Kitchen staff

    - The Golf Shop, Fitness and Tennis Centers

    - All committee members, Venice Links magazine, and Gold Coast Eagle Distributing

      (Budweiser distributors)  

2017 Golf Event Program
FGO Program 2017.pdf
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The VGCC Foundation

2016 Superhero Golf Tournament


The Venice Golf and Country Club

Community Foundation


2015 Putting Contest

Graciously sponsored by:

Melissa Caldwell - Premier Sotheby's International Realty

Kelly Caldwell - Caldwell Trust Company

A record 95 participants vied for Golf Shop sweeps prizes

and two grand prizes of $5000 each.


Nine men and three women sunk their First Round 25-foot putts:

Gerry Gilligan    Rick Dahedl    John Peters

Joe Dolan    Dave Ulrich    Herb Ormsbee

Doug Kirkpatrick    Joel D'Arcy    Jim Forbes

Ginny Bureau    Glenda MacKeen    Linda Cochran


Linda and Dave both sunk their playoff putts to win a $100

Golf Shop certificate and a chance to putt for $5000 each.


Herb, Rick and Joel formed the men's team, which edged out the women's team of Ginny, Glenda and Marilyn Cassidy.

All six won a $50 certificate from the Golf Shop.


In the final awards ceremony, three local non-profit

organizations were awarded grants of $500 each.

L to R: Kelly and Melissa Caldwell (Sponsors), Rick Dahedl, Sara Jackson (Suncoast Humane Society), Marilyn Cassidy, Ginny Bureau, Barbara Caldwell (SKY Family YMCA). Herb Ormsbee, Linda Cochran (Champion), Glenda MacKeen, Joel D'Arcy, Joe Lasota (Family Network on Disabilities), Dave Ulrich (Champion).

From the 2015 Dinner Dance Raffle Benefit:

VGCC Community Foundation pioneer Warren Hall was greeted with a lengthy standing ovation as he was honored at the Foundation's Dinner Dance Raffle Celebration.


Warren was recognized for his efforts in founding the organization and guiding it as president through its first four years. Without Warren's ongoing commitment and enthusiasm, we would not be celebrating our tenth anniversary year.

You Spoke, We Listened!


Attendees told us they loved the changes we made to the tenth edition of our popular annual Spring event. It was almost completely diffenet from previous "Reverse Raffles".


It was a perfect combination of FUN and FUNDRAISING.


This year, attendees started by calling the Club to make a reservation and charge their raffle ticket and dinners to their Club accounts. When the grand evening arrived, guests were elegantly attired and surrounded by roses and red and black and silver balloons. They dined on beautifully-prepared filet minon and salmon served at their tables (no more buffet lines) and then danced the night away to music provided by Jorge, the Club's most popular DJ.


What could be better, you ask?


Well, every 15 minutes, the music stopped and a fanfare announced drawings for wine and cash prizes. Many chose on the spot to donate their cash winnings tax-free to the Foundation, placing their tickets back in the drawing jar and making them eligible for one of the grand prizes. A total of $600 of these early prizes was generously donated back to the Foundation!


For the "Main Event" of the evening, two tickets were drawn and placed in a special "Final Three" jeweled box. The third and final ticket was auctioned off in very lively bidding, won by Chris and Tim Madigan. along with Lisa Zambuto and Bill Schaffnit.


Who won the big cash prizes?    Drumroll, please...


New VGCC residents Dorinda and Bob Mattana won $1000 in cash, and immediately chose to use part of their winnings to become first-time Foundation members for 2015. Welcome to our Community within the Community, Dorinda and Bob!


Long-time Foundation members Virginia and David Hunihan won $1500 in cash, and have generously applied their entire winnings to their 2015 Foundation membership.


Finally, auction-winners Chris, Tim, Lisa and Bill won $2000 in cash, which almost covered their very generous auction bid!




... to all who bought tickets, attended the celebration, bid in the auction and made donations. Please know that you have helped the Foundation in its mission of "Giving Beyond Our Gates".


What's next?


We've already begun planning for next year, looking for ways to make this and other Foundation events even more exciting!


If you have suggestions or want to help, please Contact Us.


Raffle 2015.pps
Microsoft Power Point presentation [407.0 KB]

2014 Putting Contest

On November 10th, sixty-six contestants vied for sweeps prizes, charity awards, and the chance to sink one putt to win $10,000 for themselves and an additional $1000 for charity.


The 2014 event was again sponsored by VGCC members Melissa Caldwell, Premier Sotheby's International Realty and Kelly Caldwell, President and CEO of Caldwell Trust Company.


A New Event Champion


Marilyn Oberstein became the third female winner in the event's first four years when she won the closest-to-the-hole competition in a putt-off with Joel D'Arcy.  Both were the only contestants to sink their earlier 35-foot putts and when Marilyn won the sudden-death coin toss, she had Joel putt first, then knew what she had to do and did it, sneaking her putt inside Joel's. Marilyn won $200 in Golf Shop credits and a chance to sink a 50-foot putt for the $10,000 Grand Prize. Marilyn's charity partner Venice Nokomis United Methodist Child Care Center received $500 to fund their child "Fun"damentals of Writing program.


The large crowd began chanting as Golf Pro Brian Painter demonstrated the speed and distance of the final putt. Then Marilyn stepped up and hit her putt.  The crowd cheered in anticipation as the ball grazed the left side of the hole, then groaned as it ran several feet long. The $10,000 cash will have to wait for next year's champion.

Left to Right: Joel D'Arcy, event runner-up; Eric Watters of Venice Theatre; sponsor Kelly Caldwell of Caldwell Trust Company; Marilyn Oberstein, event champion; Barbara Zier, Venice Nokomis United Methodist Child Care Center; Sponsor Melissa Caldwell, Premier Sotheby's International Realty; Kari Jackson; Kristin Schreiner, Junior Achievement; Lisa Zambuto; Marilyn Cassidy.  Missing: men's team members Roy Enoksen and Ray Depelteau.


Charity Round


With putts inside 14 inches in the closest-to-the-hole round, Lisa Zambuto, Kari Jackson and Marilyn Cassidy each won $50 in Golf Shop credits and the chance to compete in the Charity Round against the men's team of Joel D'Arcy, Roy Enoksen and Ray Depelteau.  The men's total distance edged out the women's distance for the second year in a row, evening the series at 2 wins each.


The men's charity partner Venice Theatre was awarded $500, to be used to present "Troupe-in-a-Trunk performance for elementary school children.


The women's charity partner Junior Achievement received $500, to be used to present their basic economics training on Junior Achievement Day at the Garden Elementary School in Venice.


Consolation Prize


For the first time this year, a consolation prize of $50 in Golf Shop credits was awarded in a random drawing of all contestants who had not yet won a prize.  The winner was Arlene Gilligan.  Congratulations, Arlene!

2014 Reverse Raffle

This year's attendees were greeted by a "Magic & Mayhem" team using bubbles, clackers and whistles to rev up the party!  Tension grew as three teams battled in a bidding war for the final "Wild Card" ticket.  Lisa Zambuto's ticker won her $2,000 and the Wild Card team won $2,500.  The grand prize of $3,500 went to Irene Harlem, who graciously donated it back, in memory of her husband Bob, who was instrumental in forming the Foundation in 2005.

Left to right: 2014 Reverse Raffle winners Lisa Zambuto, Joe Rue,

John Cook, Irene Harlem, Kern Feeney (not pictured: Roy Enoksen)


What Is a "Reverse Raffle"?


In a reverse raffle, having your ticket drawn early is not a good thing, because the grand prize goes to the LAST ticket drawn. The suspense builds as the drawing proceeds, as there are fewer and fewer tickets left to be drawn for the grand prize.


In 2014, the event was more exciting than ever:

  •  As usual, as "losing" tickets are drawn, they were put in a separate bin, and a final "loser's draw" was held at the end of the evening. So even if your ticket was an early "loser", you still had a chance to win a very nice cash prize, just by sticking around until the end.
  • We awarded bottles of wine and several substantial cash prizes along the way, just to keep things interesting.
  • We had not just one, but three large prizes drawn at the end, with the largest prize being a record $3500.
  • We again held out one "wild card" ticket, which was auctioned off just before the final three prizes are awarded. The "wild card" ticket automatically qualified for one of the final three.
  • To move the evening along more quickly, much of the preliminary drawing wasl be done during dinner.


And we already have plans for 2015 that will really speed up the post-dinner drawing of tickets!

2013 Fall Putting Contest

On November 11th, eighty-five enthusiastic contestants vied for sweeps prizes, charity awards, and the chance to sink one putt to win $10,000.


The Fall event was again sponsored by VGCC members Melissa Caldwell, Broker, Sotheby's International Realty and Kelly Caldwell, President and CEO of Caldwell Trust Company.


A New Event Champion


Wayne Fischer won the closest-to-the-hole competition when his 35-foot putt stopped only an inch and a half from the hole. Wayne won $200 in Golf Shop credits and a chance to sink a 50-foot putt for the $10,000 Grand Prize.  Wayne's charity partner South County Family YMCA received $500 to fund child care scholarships for low-income families.


The large crowd's excitement grew as Golf Pro Brian Painter demonstrated the speed and distance of the final putt.  But Wayne left his attempt a little short, and the $10,000 cash will have to wait for next year's champion.

Left to Right: Sherry Gelmine, Sandra Hill, Mary Smith of Family Network on Disabilities, Nancy Legere, Pat Ryan of South County Family YMCA, Melissa Caldwell, Wayne Fischer, Joel D'Arcy, Lois Marshall of Senior Friendship Centers, Dick Pastore, and Rick Dahedl.


Charity Round


With putts inside 8 inches in the closest-to-the-hole round, Sandra Hill, Nancy Legere and Sherry Gelmine each won $50 in Golf Shop credits and the chance to compete in the Charity Round against the men's team of Joel D'Arcy, Rick Dahedl, and Dick Pastore.  The men's total distance of 7 feet, 5 inches edged out the women's distance of 8 feet, 10 inches.


The men's charity partner Senior Friendship Centers was awarded $300, to be used to increase the medical services available to patients who have limited funds for health care.


The women's charity partner Family Network on Disabilities received $200, to be used to re-stock childcare "toolkits" for children with disabilities and special needs.

2013 Reverse Raffle


A sellout every year, the 2013 Raffle was a record-setter, raising more money for the Foundation (nearly $12,000) than ever before.  Many thanks to event chair Kari Jackson and her crew of volunteers, and to the Club staff for making this an exciting, entertaining, and profitable event!


Bob Harlem, a founding member of the Foundation, became the first "Foundation Honoree" at the event.


Other 2013 Achievements:

  • Ticket drawing was expedited
  • Additional tickets were sold at the event
  • The wildcard auction was silent

The 2013 Reverse Raffle audience eagerly awaits the drawing of the next winning ticket.

2013 Spring Putting Contest

On March 19th, eighty eager entrants vied for the chance to sink one putt to win $10,000 for themselves and $1500 for a local non-profit organization.


The event was sponsored by Melissa Caldwell, Broker, Sotheby's International Realty and Kelly Caldwell, Caldwell Trust Company.

In Round 1, nearly two-thirds were able to sink a twelve-foot putt that qualified them to move on.  Round 2 was a 35-foot closest-to-the-hole competition.  Late in the round, Rich Miller looked like a shoo-in with a distance of 4 inches.  But up stepped Beth Shook, who calmly sank her putt, winning her the chance to sink a 50-foot putt for the Grand Prize.


In the Charity Round, Rich Miller, Dave Thelen and Jerry Wagner (the three closest men) then competed against Charlotte MacLatchy, Carolyn Gold, and Marilyn Oberstein (the next three closest women), in a team event. When Marilyn sunk her putt, things looked tense for the men.  But the men prevailed in a close contest, winning $50 in sweeps for themselves and $300 for their selected charitable organization, Preganancy Solutions.  The women also earned $50 in sweeps, plus $200 for SPARCC (Safe Place And Rape Crisis Center).


Finally, as the crowd watched in suspense, Beth Shook lined up her 50-foot putt for the Grand Prize. Cheers erupted as the ball approached the hole but, alas, it stopped a little short.


Beth received $250 in sweeps for her efforts, plus $500 for the South County Food Bank.

As always, net proceeds from the event help the Foundation support local non-profit organizations. Thanks go to Bill Dugan and Allen Westerfield, as well as our golf professionals, Club staff, event volunteers, sponsors, and all who participated. See you at our next event on November 11, 2013!

2012 Hole-In-One Contest



The grand prize, a 2013 Lexus GS 350, was offered by our long-time sponsor and partner, Wilde Lexus of Sarasota.

Ninety entrants vied for a brand new Lexus in the 2012 Hole-In-One contest. Alas, nobody won the grand prize, but eight entrants won sweeps prizes and two local nonprofits won cash awards. Closest to the pin for the ladies was Judy Brubaker, with runner-ups JoAnn Peters, Sherry Gelmine and Ellen Wilcox.  The men's winner was Les Monk, followed by Terry Bole, Ed Puchy and J.D. Powers.

The ladies then defeated the men in a team playoff, winning $300 for
Our Mother's House. The funds will be used to provide one-on-one case management for mothers at the center.  Case managers work closely with each mother to ensure that upon leaving, she will have the education and tools she needs to be self-sufficient; a good mother, and a good provider for her family.

The men selected Loveland Center to receive $200.  The funds will help support Loveland's "Supported Living" program, which offers a wide range of services for students desiring to live on their own.  For more information, please visit

Many thanks to the Golf staff, the Club staff, event chair Joel D'Arcy and his crew of volunteers, long-time sponsor Wilde Lexus of Sarasota, and all who participated or contributed!

 2012 Hole-in-One Awards Ceremony

Left-to-right: David Trimble (Wilde Lexus of Sarasota), Judy Brubaker, Joyce Scott (Our Mother's House), Ed Puchy, Shea Becker (Loveland Center), Terry Bole, Stephanie Dittmann (Loveland Center), and Steven Zeller (Loveland Center)

2012 Putting Contest


In March 2012, we held our first annual Putting Contest, sponsored by Matthews-Currie Ford, and what an event it was!  Nearly two-thirds of all entrants reached the second round of competition by sinking a qualifying putt.


Then Muriel Diohep bested more than fifty other qualifiers by rolling her thirty-five foot putt to within ten inches of the hole.  Her effort won her $250 in sweeps, plus a chance to sink a final putt to win $10,000 for herself and $1500 for local non-profit organizations.  Six other entrants also won sweeps prizes. 


Alas, Muriel's final putt did not drop.  But watch for Muriel to defend her title in 2013 against all who want to win the $10,000 grand prize for themselves plus $1500 for their favorite local charity.

Putting Contest winner Muriel Diohep with nonprofit teammates

and sponsor Matthews-Currie Ford, preparing to putt for the grand prize.