grant program

The Venice Golf and Country Club Foundation will only make grants to nonprofit organizations classified as 501(c)(3). No grants are awarded directly to individuals.

Grants awarded are intended to be used to establish, sustain, enhance and/or expand programs or services in the areas of:

  • Community / Social Services

  • Cultural Enrichment

  • Education

  • Environment

  • Health 

The service area for those who will benefit from the program or project must be located primarily in South Sarasota County, including:

  • Venice

  • Englewood

  • Laurel

  • Nokomis

  • North Port

Grant funding may not be used for:

🚫 Major capital projects

🚫 Debt reduction

🚫 Loans

🚫 Travel

🚫 Operating expenses

🚫 Staff salaries

🚫 Scientific research

annual grant cycle

Each grant cycle begins in the fall and applications are accepted throughout the month of September. Grant Cycle 17 will begin September 1, 2021 and applications will be accepted through 5pm on September 30, 2021.

The application form will be posted here.


Applications are screened for eligibility and evaluated based upon established criteria. Site visits are then conducted by a committee of Foundation members and volunteers.

Grants Committee

The Grants Committee is comprised of 12 Foundation members who serve 3-year staggered terms. They play a key role in the Foundation's grant giving.

Every application is evaluated by each committee member independently according to established criteria:

Scoring is tabulated to determine which applicants will have site visits conducted by a committee member and another volunteer.


The Grants Committee recommendations then go to the Foundation Board for approval.

If you are interested in learning more about volunteering opportunities with the Grants Committee and participating as a Site Visit Partner, click here to contact us.

  • Use of Funds

  • Community Need

  • Community Access

  • Measuring Success

  • Service Area

Thank You to the
2020-21 Committee Members
Bob Gilchrest, Chair
Barb Davidson, Vice Chair
Sue Beldotti
Fran Congdon
Cynthia Gilchrest
Marcia Matthews
Brian McMillan
Ana Victoria Puchi
Barbara Senior
Sharon Van Baaren
Greg White
Toni Yahres